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High strength nut manufacturers introduce the storage method and installation regulations of bolts

  High strength nut manufacturers introduce the storage method and installation regulations of bolts

  High strength bolts are called high-strength bolt connections. This type of anchor bolt is commonly referred to as high-strength bolt and is currently widely used in various construction industries.

  When high-strength bolts are manufactured in the original factory, they must be produced in large quantities and presented by the manufacturer, with a factory combination.

  The composition of high-strength bolts should comply with national industry standards and relevant requirements. High strength bolt couplings must be paired with the same batch. Warehousing, logistics, transportation, and supply industry.

  During the entire process of high-strength bolt connection, boxing, unloading, and transportation, attention should be paid to the lightweight of the vehicle and packaging should be avoided.

  When the installation is damaged, attention should be paid to the external thread of high-strength bolts.

  5. When filling high-strength bolts, the specifications, models, and product batch numbers should be clearly marked when filling high-strength bolts; 6. With fast delivery, the engineering team continuously breaks through process bottlenecks and develops warehouses with different production process dates based on the characteristics of different products. If high-strength bolts are stored in the warehouse in the room, their deposition amount should not exceed three layers. Otherwise, not only is it not conducive to solving the problem, but it is also very prone to the risk of collapse. When storing high-strength bolts in the warehouse, it is important to do a good job in waterproofing the room and ensure long-term maintenance.

  7. It is dry and requires maintenance, rust, and wiping. It is to better avoid the transformation of high-strength bolt torque index and product damage.

  Only by strictly storing high-strength bolts in accordance with warehouse regulations can the product be maintained for a longer period of time.

  For better safety reasons, high-strength bolts need to be inspected again after being stored and enlarged for six months, and an experiment should be conducted before application. 1. Before installing the steel frame structure, remove burrs, burrs, and welding spatter. The friction surface should be kept clean and dry, and should not be worked in the rain. 2. High strength bolt connections should be separated and stored according to the production batch number, and should be applied in the same batch number. 3. The method and specifications of high-strength bolts should meet the requirements of the design plan. 4. The experimental results of the anti movement index of the high-strength bolt connector should meet the design scheme requirements, and the surface of the prefabricated component connector should be consistent with the surface of the sample connector.